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Ecommerce & Software Consulting That Powers New Expansion

$1m revenue in 92 days

"Shortly after day 92, when the site brought in that first $1 million in sales, Utah-based VC firm Clarke Capital came calling, interested in adding Chapman’s e-commerce company to its portfolio. Chapman says he turned down a buyout offer in 2017 worth around $3 million to maintain independence and to have the income and time to pursue his own projects.

Thirteen years ago as a broke college student, Trevor Chapman took a job selling pest control door-to-door to make extra money. Eventually, he launched his own sales operation — a solar panel installation company that quickly expanded across three states. But two years in, something was missing — and it wasn’t a shortage of time spent in the office.

Within three months, Chapman went from putting in 12-hour days at his solar company to spending just an hour and a half each week on his site by the time he hit his first $1 million in sales. Then, in 2018, he sold LDSman, along with his corresponding e-commerce logistics companies, to a holding company in a deal worth over $10 million."

100x sales In 3 years

"After being recruited to My Choice Software in 2013, Daniel and his partner used clever marketing and stellar customer service to drive their business to exponential growth. He’s been able to grow his company that he started back in 2013, from $250,000 to over $25 million in sales, in the course of just over three years."


Create Revenue Through Existing Brands

If you have a social audience or successful sales channel like Amazon already thats a huge edge. We'll show you how to leverage your past buyer list and audience into a completely new revenue stream.

Growth Consulting and Full Service Execution

Separate marketing, development and design services is a huge problem. Our consultants give you the no fluff guidance needed to grow your business and our internal team helps handle any execution you currently can't tackle.

You will Work With Ecommerce Experts

Our consultants have founded and sold multiple successful brands through the years. And until forming the culture we have today many of our team members worked at top brands doing a number of impressive projects.

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